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Manufacturer Introduction

Qorvo products are at work, connecting and protecting the world. They bring core technologies and radio frequency (RF) solutions to mobile, infrastructure, defense/aerospace and Internet of Things markets.

Qorvo now offers next-generation RF smart components and solutions that connect people, places and things more quickly, deeply and reliably. Qorvo works with leading companies to leverage the core RF products and engineering expertise to build a connected world of the future. Qorvo delivers higher performance for more energy-efficient networks and devices to connect and protect mission-critical defense systems as well as emerging business and consumer applications. Qorvo is always focused on your needs – committed to building a better connected world.

TriQuint and RFMD have merged to become the new global RF solutions leader Qorvo.

At Qorvo, they are driven by the possibility of discovery — of new technologies and advancements in design, manufacturing and communications that make the world a better, more connected place. They've been working on that for more than 30 years, both as innovators and as stewards of our global community. And just getting started.

From rovers and spacecraft that travel the galaxy to tiny filters that help keep a heart beating, Qorvo's products enable amazing real-world technology. Learn how some of customers are using their products to solve unique engineering challenges.

5G is more than low-band front-end modules and switches. At Qorvo, they have all the core RF technologies to fully address and enable 5G — from wireless infrastructure to mobile devices to the technologies to make them happen. And Qorvo partner with carriers and standards bodies to bring the vision to life.

Qorvo is product portfolio consists of Amplifiers, Control Products, Filters, Duplexers, Oscillators, Switches, Modules, Discrete Transistors and ICs.


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