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Pyramid Semiconductor Corp. [ Pyramid ]

Pyramid Semiconductor was formed in January 2003 through the acquisition of all the product lines from Performance Semiconductor. These product lines included the MIL-STD-1750A Processor family and the complete family of SRAMs previously offered by Performance Semiconductor. All products previously supported by Performance Semiconductor are being supported now by Pyramid Semiconductor. The Pyramid Semiconductor part numbering scheme is identical to the part numbers previously used by Performance Semiconductor.

Since its inception, Pyramid Semiconductor has expanded both product lines to include additional products and has added products in the EEPROM arena as well. The markets addressed by Pyramid Semiconductor include both Military and Commercial markets, and products are offered across Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature ranges. The management of Pyramid Semiconductor has extensive experience in the various technologies and manufacturing requirements of these product lines.

The Products:
The MIL-STD-1750A Processors from Pyramid Semiconductor are used in the Military market in a significant number of Military and Space applications which include:

Flight Control Systems, Navigation, Communications, ECM, Weapons Control, Command and Control Display Systems, Ground Support and Test Systems, Applications of the above systems exist aboard Spacecraft, Satellites, Launch Vehicles, Aircraft, Ships, Ground Vehicles and Submarines.

The MIL-STD-1750A Processors are field-proven and have been used reliably by Military users for more than 20 years.

Complementing the MIL-STD-1750A Processors is a complete SRAM family from 1K to 4 Meg densities for the Military market. Additionally, the SRAMs are offered in Plastic packages for the Commercial and Industrial markets.

A family of EEPROMS is now being supported by Pyramid Semiconductor for the Military and Commercial marketplace.

QML Certified Manufacturing Facilities:
In approximately 10,000 sq. feet, Pyramid Semiconductor has a complete fabless semiconductor manufacturing facility. The facility includes design, test (wafers and assembled products), a complete clean room assembly facility for ceramic packages, burn-in, marking, environmental test equipment, quality inspection as well as all the additional manufacturing facilities necessary to assemble, test and manufacture complete semiconductor devices. Pyramid Semiconductor uses outside wafer foundries to fabricate its wafers. Relationships with the various foundries have been established over many years, and the supply of wafers has been ongoing.

The Pyramid Semiconductor QML Assembly facility is a Class 1000 --- standards capable of assembly of Class B and Class S devices required for Military and Space applications. Plastic assembly of Pyramid Semiconductor products is performed with sub-contractors in the Far East.

The Pyramid Semiconductor Cage Code is 3DTT2.
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