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Optoelectronics Center, Inc. [ Optoelectronics Center ]

Optoelectronics Center, Inc. (OCI) specializes in the design and manufacture of semi-custom and custom optical switches and related electronic subassemblies. OCI provides technologically advanced, highly engineered products to Original Equipment Manufacturers.
From 1 to 1,000,000, stock or custom, analog or digital...OCI is ready to produce the switch you need. By listening to and understanding your needs, OCI can design and build to meet, or exceed, your requirements. OCI understands the requirements placed on them by today's rapidly evolving world. Through personal service and attention to detail, OCI can deliver your product how...and when...you need it. Their response time leads the industry. From startup companies to Fortune 500, from the simple to the highly complex, OCI is committed to doing whatever it takes to produce the switch you need.
Their primary goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality, greatest value product...all delivered on time. Simply put, OCI will bend over backwards to serve their customers.

OCI designs and builds optical switches and switch assemblies to the strictest industrial and military standards. The quality requirements of their customers are the focus of everything OCI do. OCI are committed to meeting and exceeding the current and future requirements of their customers.
Every employee at OCI is dedicated to quality and total customer satisfaction. The quality of their products is their number one priority. Continuous improvement is an essential part of OCI's success. OCI continually strive for excellence in everything OCI do: in their products, service, human relations, competitiveness and profitability. OCI is ISO compliant and are working to become ISO certified.
Optical Switches Guidelines:
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
One Year Warranty
The OCI Quality Commitment:
OCI has instituted a Quality Control system to insure that each component meets performance specifications dependably and consistently. OCI performs 100 percent electrical inspection of every device before shipment.

An optical switch consists of a light emitting diode that activates a phototransistor across an air gap. When the light beam is interrupted the output signal changes. When configured with a digital output signal they are ideal for switching and non-contact counting applications. When configured with an analog output signal they are ideal for precise position sensing.
Optical Switch Applications:
Optical Encoding, Limit Switching, Rotational Velocity Monitoring, Counter Circuits, Flow Metering, Linear Measurement, Precision Position Detection, Level Indication, Edge Detection.

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