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Optics For Research, Inc. [ Optics For Research ]


OFR was established in 1976 to manufacture and market precision optical components and instruments for use in university, government and medical research, the military, research and development, and other industrial applications.

In 1985, OFR developed the first optical isolator in the United States. OFR then entered into a new market and today manufactures more isolator models than any other producer in the world. Isolators led OFR into the fiber optics market, and, today, OFR is a major supplier of specialized fiber-optic devices and components for the R&D and OEM markets.

Since its inception, OFR has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of superior quality, precision optical components, isolators, and fiber-optic "building-block" components.

Meet OFR technical sales and engineers at major shows and conferences, such as Photonics West, OFC, CLEO , and at numerous international shows. See OFR products at www.ofr.com and request their widely distributed catalog.

"OFR...Scientists and engineers making photonic products for scientists and engineers worldwide"

OFR Firsts and Patents:

1985-Wideband Tunable Isolator for Visible
1985-Wideband Tunable Isolator for Near-IR
1986-Tunable, Pigtailed Isolator
1988-"Aspirin Tablet" Micro Isolator
1991-COx Laser Isolator
1991-Ti:Sapphire Isolator
1991-"Grain-of-Rice" Micro-Isolator
1991-HoYAG Isolator
1991-Near-UV Isolator
1993-980 nm Isolator
1994-Mini-package VIS, NIR designs
1995-Utility Grade (economically-priced) designs
1995-Tunable IR designs
1996-Deep-UV Isolator
US Patent 4,804,256-Faraday Rotators using a Movable Optical Element
US Patent 4,840,464-Optical Isolator employing a Ge-As-Se Composition
US Patent 4,856,878-Magnetic Configuration for Faraday Rotators
US Patent 5,087,984-Optical Isolators employing Oppositely Signed Materials
US Patent 5,111,330-Optical Isolators employing Wavelength Tuning
US Patent 5,212,586-Optical Circulator having Simplified Construction
US Patent 5,790,299-Optical Isolator employing Cd-Zn-Te Composition
US Patent 6,061,190-Devices for holding optical components fixed positions

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