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Omni Switch, Inc. [ Omni Switch ]

Omni Switch Inc. is the BEST supplier of flexible PC boards, membrane switches and printed circuit boards. With their sizable engineering staff Omni Switch Inc. will follow customer specifications and requirements. 

Omni Switch Inc began operations in 1977 with invested capital of some $5 million. Today . The plant employs more than 200 employees, including 28 engineers. Omni Switch Inc. are located in Taoyuan, just three minutes from Taiwan's Chiang Kai-shek International Airport. their proximity to the airport assures punctual distribution and delivery of Omni Switch's products to all its foreign markets. with the most advanced technology.
In order to supply a wide range of services to their American purchasers, Omni Switch Inc. at Omni established their first U.S. office in Phoenix, Arizona in 1984. Among the functions carried out by this office are customer service and consultation, procurement, marketing and sales, and import and export. In addition Omni Switch Inc. boasts a network of 13 representatives across North America and Canada, with agents in Holland, Sweden, Hong Kong and Singapore.
In 1983 Omni Switch Inc. took the initiative and became the first ROC concern to produce flexible PC boards and membrane switches. At the time there were more than 300 makers of FPC boards. But, Omni Switch Inc. were not deterred by the fact that production of flexible circuits is considerably harder to control than rigid boards. In 1988 Omni Switch Inc. went even further by changing all equipment in their factory to automated roll-to-roll capability to improve quality and productivity of flexible PC boards. In 1998,Omni Switch Inc. merged USA Omni stars & Omni Switcch phoenix To Omni Switch Inc TEKAS.
To contine to maintain their leadership position in the industry. Omni Switch Inc. are, and plan to remain, the top FPC, MS and Circuit Board supplier from Taiwan. 
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