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Founded in 1998, NP Photonics develops and manufactures specialty fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and transport fibers for the near- and mid-infrared (IR) wavelength bands. Their proprietary fiber technology is used across a broad family of products, including narrow linewidth, low phase-noise fiber lasers designed for operation in industrial environments.
Their core strengths are technology innovation, product development, quality engineering and manufacturing world-class products for applications in sensing, defense, metrology and research.
NP Photonics currently have over 1,400 lasers installed worldwide, and NP Photonics continue to grow through technology development, strategic partnerships and engagement with markets in which the company has a clear sustainable advantage.

Since their inception, NP Photonics has successfully engaged in government-sponsored and customer-funded development programs to leverage core competencies and develop new technologies.
Their engineering team is 20 strong with a deep background in glass, optics and fiber lasers. The team has a wealth of experience developing innovative technologies and bringing products to market.
Ultra-low-noise, single-frequency technology from continuous-wave (CW) to high-energy pulsed lasers, free of non-linear effects
Distortion-free fiber amplifiers – unique high-gain-per-unit-length phosphate fiber enables significant distortion-free amplification of q-switched and ultrafast pulses at 1 micron and 1.5 microns
A mid-IR supercontinuum laser source, <1000 nm to >4500 nm
Ultra-low-loss mid-IR transport fibers, visible-5 microns
Mid-IR high-temperature oxide glasses

Quality(ISO 9001: 2008 Certification)
The ISO 9001:2008 certification is a demonstration of NP Photonics' commitment to meeting globally recognized quality management system requirements and regulations for the manufacture of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber components. NP Photonics' products serve a broad range of high‐value industrial applications that require significant levels of product quality and consistency.

NP Photonics’ capabilities run the gamut from innovation in glass chemistry and development of rigorous processes for drawing fiber to the production of high-quality fiber laser systems.
Their environmentally controlled facility, critical to the glass production process, houses unique and customized equipment designed for producing specialty materials and products. This vertical integration allows their to develop and deliver world-class fiber products to exceed customers’ optical and mechanical requirements.
NP Photonics currently have 32 patents and more in process. These patents relate to glass composition, glass processing, fiber manufacturing, splicing, fiber lasers, fiber components and fiber amplifiers, all at multiple wavelengths across the near- and mid-IR.

NP Photonics upholds stringent process control in their state-of-the art Tucson manufacturing facility.
Their laser products are manufactured in a clean room environment. Their manufacturing operation is driven by product quality and consistency. This is achieved through rigorous process control and production metrics implemented by a highly skilled team of technicians.
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