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NJR Corporation
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Manufacturer Introduction

NJR Corporation is currently one of the most successful manufacturers of semiconductors offering a wide range of high end products for commercial and consumer applications. Their products range from professional audio to high reliability automotive products utilizing Bipolar, C-MOS, Bi-CMOS and GaAs process technologies. NJR is a certified ISO 9001 /9002 company.

NJR Electronic Products:
Electronic Devices
Operational Amplifiers & Comparators
Power Management
Audio & Video ICs
Communication ICs & RF Devices
Motor ICs
Optoelectronic Devices
LED Drivers
LCD Drivers
Quartz Crystal Oscillator ICs
Microprocessor Peripheral ICs
ASSP( Others ) ICs
Analog Switches
A/D Converters

NJR is product portfolio consists of Operational Amplifiers & Comparators, Audio & Video ICs, Power ICs, Motor ICs, Communication ICs, GaAs Switches & Amplifiers, LED / LCD Drivers, Crystal Oscillator ICs, Opto Semiconductors, Pulse & Oxygen Reflection Photoelectric Sensors, MEMS Microphone Amplifiers And sensor.


Professional audio and high reliability automotive products



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