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Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. is a world class leader in the development and manufacture of telecommunications cabling systems. Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. supports end-user customers around the globe and includes many of the world’s leading commercial and Industrial Organizations, Universities, Hospitals, Airlines, Financial Institutions, Governments and more. Customers are supported by offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

Their Services
Network Cables & Connectors, Inc.'s Cabling System can support any voice, imaging, or data application that an end-user chooses. Organizations and institutions throughout the world have standardized on the Network Cables and Connectors, Inc; Cabling System as the foundation on which to build their business. Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. features Category 3, 4, 5, and 6-compliant unshielded twisted-pair cabling (UTP) components as well as a full line of products for use in optical fiber and screened twisted-pair (ScTP) cabling.

Their Certifications and Warranty
Installations performed by Certified Installers are eligible to receive a 25-year warranty. Network Cables & Connectors,Inc. has both ISO 9001 and 9002 certifications, a global recognition of their commitment to quality. Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. is also ISO 14001 certified, assuring their customers and community of their commitment to continual environmental improvement. As a telecommunications industry leader, Network Cables and Connectors, Inc. actively participates in industry and government standards committees such as the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC), International Standards Organization (ISO), Telecommunications Industries Association (TIA) and the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI).

Their Warranty Coverage
Network Cables & Connectors, Inc's. Cabling System warranty provides coverage for product, cable, labor, and applications. This warranty is backed by Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. and is provided directly to the end-user from Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. Product warranty, cable warranty, labor warranty and applications warranty provide a system to the end-user that is worry free and provides one point of contact for any concerns.

Their Mission
As the 21st century’s most important framework, telecommunications continues to advance and expand, Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. is positioned to grow as a world class leader in the design and manufacture of high performance and high quality structured cabling systems.
Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. opens the door for today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s advancements by laying the foundation for telecommunication networks. While the demands of global communications push forward, dependence on telecommunications cabling grows exponentially. Network Cables & Connectors, Inc. working in concert with its strategic allies, offers end-users the best cabling infrastructure in the world.

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