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For over 25 years, MTM Power? is developing and manufacturing power supplies and transformers for industrial, railway and power engineering applications in Germany. MTM Power has its own R&D department, an own EMC laboratory, state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified employees in all departments to continously maintain the technological leadership and produce innovative solutions.

Thus, innovation and creativity in R&D go hand in hand with the precision and quality in manufacturing. The result speaks for itself: MTM Power? produces power supplies for its national and international customers which are exceptionally powerful, stressable and durable. The close network between R&D, production and sales, professional know-how as well as appreciation of customers and suppliers ensure the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to market demands.


Re-privatization of the company
VEB Messtechnik Mellenbach by the trust company Berlin
Acquisition of the company by Hilmar Kraus
and change of the production programs in transformers and electronic power supplies
Construction of a new hall
for the production of electronic power supply modules, thereby increase of the capacity of production from now 100.000 up to 500.000 units p.a. by running one shift
Modification of a former porcellain factory
as new production facility for the manufacture of coils, filters and large equipments in the nearby Unterwei?bach
Extension of the production hall
for electronic power supplies and thus doubling the production area to 5.500 m2
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