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Manufacturer Introduction

Molex, established in 1938, is one of the world's largest global manufacturers of interconnect products. Molex creates innovative product solutions for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connectors, including header, backplane, terminal, telecom, ethernet, and cable, as well as application tooling. Molex's efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of business activities, products, and services are reflected in their commitment to their environment management system, ECOCARE.

Molex's innovative technology provides electronic solutions to customers around the world. Establishing operations in more than 40 countries around the world, providing a full range of solutions and services for multiple areas, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive and commercial vehicles.

Building the Global Electronics Platform

To ensure that we can bring our customers the most innovative electronic solutions, we've acquired some outstanding companies. Their experienced people, groundbreaking products and leading edge technologies help us deliver a wider array of solutions to more markets and geographic areas than ever before.

Who They Serve

Helping Technology Companies Push Boundaries

Since developing their first electrical terminal block for the home appliance industry, They have expanded into some of the world's most complex and demanding markets. Today, they are able to bring their wide-ranging knowledge to bear on electronics challenges in many of the world's most critical industries.

Molex serves engineers and product designers in the following industries:
Aerospace and Defense
Alternative Energy Source
Consumer/Home Appliance
Commercial Vehicle
Industrial Automation
Industrial Electrical
Smart Phones and Mobile Devices
Solid State Lighting

They are proud of their many innovations and the technologies they've enabled. Molex was instrumental in the first car radio, the first cellular phone and the first HDTV. Their pioneering products have one thing in common — they help leading technology companies achieve their own innovations.

Molex is product portfolio consists of Connector Socket/Edge Card Cable Assembly Wireless, Wireless Technology, Printed Circuit Products, Automation/Industrial, Lighting Products.


Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network


  • Size: 46 Kb Published Time: 2020-02-27
    LISLE, IL – May 23, 2013 – Molex Incorporated has launched a new application (app) that gives tablet use ready access to information on over 90 different Molex product families. Designed for Apple and Android devices, the Molex App allows tablet use to view product information, search products, view literature and view videos without being online. App use with access to an internet connection will be able to link to the Molex website for detailed part number information. “The Molex App offe new functionalities especially helpful to mobile use on the go,” states Brian Krause, vice president, global marketing and communicatio, Molex. "Recognizing the growing importance of the mobile workforce, we developed the Molex App to help eure that custome, sales enginee and distribution partne in the field get the product support they need—when and where they need it most.”
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    BUSINESS CHALLENGE Hah industrial environments found in the food and beverage, oil and gas and automotive industries are exceptionally punishing on electrical and electronic equipment. Some of the most at-risk components are the heavy-duty connecto that provide power, signal and communication to critical systems such as robotics and packaging machinery. The primary role of an industrial connector is the ability to maintain a secure and reliable connection. But liquids and dust can make their way into the connector housing during connect or disconnect, ultimately leading to outages and downtime. While most heavy duty industrial connecto come standard with a spring-loaded cover door that closes the housing during disconnect, a spring alone does not fully compress the cover gasket enough to form an adequate seal. An operator working on the plant floor must manually close a lever properly to seal the cover. Because operato have a highly demanding job and a difficult work environment, they often forget to close the lever. Over time, the results can be catastrophic, allowing liquid into the connector and causing system failure that is often hard to pinpoint. Once identified, the connector needs to be re-wired and tested which is a time couming and costly process.
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    Sealed Powertrain connector system High deity modular system Ganged heade – Current sizes – 24, 28, 32, 36, 48, 53, 80 & 96 – New sizes - 112 & 154 Right angled header configuration Rated up to 21amps per terminal Sealed – rated to IP67 Applicatio – Engine control (ECU) – Tramission control – Control units requiring a sealed header system Terminal size – 0.64, 1.50 & 2.8mm
  • Size: 93 Kb Published Time: 2020-02-27
    Evaluating Connecto That Enhance Automated Manufacturing Processes Industrial communication prodcuts from leading connectivity manufacture enable automation machines and devices to communicate with each other using a variety of protocols, such as DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and Profibus/ProfiNet. When evaluating connectivity products for manufacturing operatio—whether connecting power, industrial networks, or automation equipment—look for connecto, cabling and interface cards that are engineered for ruggedness and cotructed to provide easy itallation. Connecto should also offer long-term, reliable signal and power performance in hah environments. Many leading manufactures offer a complete array of required connectivity products including micro-change and nano-change connecto and cord sets. The micro-change connecto you choose to work with should be able to handle M12 interfaces such as seo and I/O junction blocks while nano-change connecto should conform to M8 connector standards.