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Milwaukee Electronics [ Milwaukee Electronics ]

Milwaukee Electronics was founded in 1954, to meet the needs of mining equipment manufacturers, offering services in circuit board design and PCB Assembly.
Since then, they have evolved in both their design engineering and contract manufacturing capabilities tremendously.
Their customers are their first priority and at Milwaukee Electronics, customer service translates to more than simply meeting customer needs. Instead, they work to anticipate customer needs and offer customers a broad range of services to work with customers as partners. This focus has led us to:
Provide customers with complete product development solutions via their Design Engineering business unit
Lead the way in deploying internet-based quick-turn prototyping and low volume services through their Screaming Circuits strategic business unit
Offer competitive, regionally focused U.S. manufacturing solutions in their Milwaukee, WI and Canby, OR facilities
Develop a Mexico manufacturing solution in a location with fast border transit times, high quality personnel and low turnover in Tecate, Mexico
Expand supply chain management and engineering support globally, with offices in Singapore and India
Win 13 Service Excellence Awards in all 5 EMS categories, since they started participating in 2008
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