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Micro Commercial Components
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Manufacturer Introduction

Micro Commercial Components (MCC) is a global supplier and manufacturer of commodity type and state-of-the-art innovative discrete semiconductors. Micro Commercial Components product groups include general purpose rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, transient voltage suppressors, as well as switching and schottky diodes. Micro Commercial Components products are available in various axial leaded and surface mount packages.Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC) founded in 1991, and headquarter is located at Chatsworth, California. It is a supplier of high-quality discrete semiconductors to the consumer markets. MCC has extensive marketing and sales network throughout the world, and it’s engineering, technical support and logistic office in Suzhou. MCC's products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, voltage regulators and protection devices.Mission-To surpasscustomers expectations in quality, cost, and delivery through superior customer service and continuous product improvement. The Main manufacturing facility of MCC is in Zibo. The facility is ISO-9001:2000, TS16949:2000, ISO14001:2004 certified In 2008, MCC organized Electronic Distribution Show and Conference Las Vegas, Nevada, arrow Customer Appreciation Golf Event, Celebration, FL, Chicago (Arrow Electronics), Chicago, IL, and Electronica 2008 Munich, Germany (MEV Elektronik-Hall A4-Stand A4.260). Then the next year, MCC arrowfest Chicago (Arrow Electronics), Chicago, IL, Minnesota (Arrow Electronics), Minnesota, MN, Silicon Valley (Arrow Electronics), Santa Clara, CA and Boston (Arrow Electronics), Boston, MA. In 2010, MCC set up Electronica 2010 India, Bangalore, arrowfest Chicago (Arrow Electronics), Chicago, IL, Toronto (Arrow Electronics), Toronto, Canada, Minnesota (Arrow Electronics), Minnesota, MN, Silicon Valley (Arrow Electronics), Santa Clara, CA and Los Angeles (Arrow Electronics), Los Angeles, CA and Electronica 2010 Munich, Germany.

MCC is product portfolio consists of Discrete Semiconductors, Kits, Circuit Protection, Integrated Circuits (ICs).




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