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Macroblock, Inc
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  • Country : Taiwan

Manufacturer Introduction

Macroblock, Inc. was founded in June, 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan and is a mixed-signal design house with special focus on power management and opto-electronic applications. Macroblock was certified to ISO 9001:2000 in April, 2004.The types of products manufactured by Macroblock include Single and Multichannel LED Drivers.

Macroblock is the world-leading LED driver IC provider. Focused on designing LED driver ICs,  Pride in delivering ICs with guaranteed performance for lighting applications in general. Combining their passion in LED driver IC design and their goal to push the boundaries in the display and lighting industry, Macroblock is your go-to solution provider when comes to LED and IoT.

From IC design to providing customer service, Macroblock executes every step with care and with the goal to better in order to ensure the quality can be seen and felt.

Highly Integrated Driver IC

About the MBI5353 48-Channel Series, and the 48-CH LED driver IC for super fine pitch LED displays. 

Its Dynamic Power Saving function reduces power consumption at black images.


Macroblock has a series of ICs specially designed for automotive lighting.


The finest LED display solution to date, A reliable MOSFET is necessary to optimize the performance of micro-LED.

Lighting and IoT Solutions

With IoT as the emerging trend, Macroblock is incorporating IoT into their lighting solutions.


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