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Maxon Precision Motors, Inc. [ Maxon Motors ]

Founded in Switzerland. 

maxon motor, founded in 1961, is a Swiss company with headquarters in Sachseln (Central Switzerland). For more than 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific drive solutions, quality, and innovation.

maxon motor can look back on half a century of history. Innovation and quality have driven the company since the beginning. It all began in the picturesque Obwalden canton, in central Switzerland. On December 5, 1961, Interelectric LTD, today maxon motor ag, was founded in the council chamber of the Sarnen town hall, as the production plant of Braun, the electrical engineering company based in Frankfurt.

Interelectric's choice of Sarnersee as operating location was the result of pressure from the officials: At the end of the 1950s, what was then the Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Labor (BIGA) threatened to withdraw the work and residency visas of the German employees at the Braun sales company in the Aargau canton, if the Frankfurt-based electronic appliance manufacturer did not launch a production site in Switzerland. Obwalden was considered as a possible site.

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