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Maxim solutions are available in the application areas below. Click on an area of interest to see recommended parts, application notes, and other information specific to your end equipment.Maxim Integrated Products is a global range of linearity, mixed-signal integrated circuits (IC) design, R & D and manufacturing leader.

Small businesses, the military, educational institutes and hobbyists can all find the board-level electronic components, tool requirements and/or raw materials they need at Jotrin Electronics Limited.. In addition tolarge assortment of Maxim Integrated Products components,Maximhave the widest selection of obsolete, allocated, and hard-to-find parts online. Can't find the part that you're looking for? Request a quote online or feel free to call us and a knowledgeable Jotrin associate will help find what you need.

Maxim profile

Empowering Design Innovation
Every day, electronic devices are becoming smarter with greater integration. Body sensors can monitor our health. Cars can drive themselves. Networked homes can power up when needed.

At Maxim Integrated, they’re solving engineering problems and empowering design innovation, enabling their customers to create products that shape their world. Their innovative and high-performance analog and mixed-signal products and technologies make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

Building a Smarter Future
From their sensor platforms to their IC solutions for embedded security, power management, interface, communications, and much more, their technologies empower design innovation.

They help their customers:
1.Make cars safer and smarter
2.Build efficient datacenters for a multi-cloud world
3.Automate factories that maximize productivity
4.Deliver wearable solutions for a healthier world
5.Enhance mobile devices with high-quality audio, efficient power and battery management, and sophisticated sensors
6.Secure challenging embedded applications, while lowering power and enabling greater integration
7.Deliver the analog backbone for a wide variety of applications

Their Values
Since Maxim‘s founding in 1983, they’ve built a rich history and culture of innovation that rewards bold thinking, teamwork, personal growth, and community involvement.

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