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L/C Magnetics builds custom designed DRY type inductors and magnetic components up to 10 KV voltage ratings and up to 4000 amps current ratings approximately. L/C Magnetics specialize in low frequency and high frequency Gapped Inductors. L/C Magnetics also specialize in Current Limiting reactors. L/C Magnetics offer single unit pricing and volume pricing also.
If an existing inductor is turning black due to over heating, L/C Magnetics can offer a replacement inductor. If you are unable to get a replacement for an obsolete inductor, contact us. As an Obsolete Inductor Specialist, L/C Magnetics will design and build an equivalent inductor which will meet your requirements.
If you have a new inductor application, their engineers will offer a cost effective solution along with a prototype in a short time. L/C Magnetics have a vast amount of tooling in house. L/C Magnetics stock most materials for a rapid turn around. All design and fabrication work is performed at their Anaheim facility in California, USA.
L/C Magnetics have grouped their inductors into different categories.
Same location for over 25 years!
Since 1990, L/C Magnetics has been engineering and manufacturing custom transformers used in various applications throughout the United States and Internationally. Quality products, customer service, and on time delivery are the top priorities at their company. 25+ years of experience has provided them to have top the line designs and quoting from their engineers.
Customer Testimonials
L/C Magnetics Inc. has a long history of providing quality products to customers around the United States and even beyond by going international. L/C Magnetics strive to provide excellent customer service to match the quality of the products. Here are some testimonials from their loyal clients, and what they had to say about their company.
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