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LEOCO (USA) Corporation

LEOCO (USA) Corporation [ LEOCO ]

Founded in 1981, Leoco is a world-class manufacturer of interconnects that reaches over 26 countries with its innovative OEM and ODM range of products. Leoco's mission is to become a global leader in the industry.

Leoco Corporation has designed, manufactured and driven ahead for many world class companies for its quality and price competitiveness in interconnects. All products are tested in compliance with the standards and requirements of international safety testing agencies and is produced aiming at zero defect production efficiency. Moreover, Leoco’s ability to source and negotiate raw materials is able to become very competitive in the industry. These factors along with expertise and exceptional customer care have created an unprecedented demand worldwide for Leoco products.

In addition to interconnect products, Leoco is also well-known for other services. Services such as custom cable assembly and standard high speed USB cables are highly sought for. Because of this capacity, Leoco is able to supply and reach customers in both industrial and high tech sectors, giving it yet another distinct advantage and is seen as an all in one manufacturer by its loyal customers.

As an all in one manufacturer, Leoco is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the world’s leading industries. Its reputation is known for the support and partnerships with customers and has created a system which offers flexible lead-time arrangements and safety stock programs. This system in turn, enables Leoco to tailor for every aspect of customer needs.

Today, the company is headquartered in Suzhou China and has facilities all over the world giving customers an instant access to Leoco’s R & D with the latest technologies. Now with ever expanding markets worldwide, Leoco’s mission is to be the corner stone of interconnect and custom cable industry.

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