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Leach International Corporation
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Manufacturer Introduction

Leach International is a worldwide manufacturer of aerospace switching components used in the commercial and military aerospace industry.
Military qualified sub-miniature and half-crystal can relays for both commercial and military applications. 
Low level to 75 Amp. AC, DC. Suitable for severe environments.
High power contactors for primary power control. From 25 to 1000 amps. 
Includes Smart and bus-bar mount contactors for modern electrical power distribution systems.
Control Devices
For timing purposes, sensing and protection of current, voltage, frequency, and phase; fixed, adjustable AC and DC versions.
Features a wide variety of sockets used for Leach relays, time delays and rail devices including PC board mount, solder, crimp, and track mount styles.

Leach is product portfolio consists of Relays, Contactors, Control Devices, Sockets.



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