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  • KEC

  • Full Name : KEC Manufacturer
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  • Founded Year : 1969

  • Country : South Korea

Manufacturer Introduction

Since its establishment in 1969, KEC, a craftsman enterprise with unique development in the field of semiconductors, has not only won the general trust of well-known electronic enterprises at home and abroad in terms of quality, but also gained wide recognition for its excellent technical ability through decades of continuous technological development and management innovation. The demand and market for semiconductors of all kinds will expand greatly, thanks to the rapid convergence of electronic equipment, the convergence of communications and IT technologies, and the digitization of automobiles.

Through decades of continuous technology development and business innovation, KEC has not only won the general trust of well-known domestic and foreign electronics companies in terms of quality, but also has been widely recognized for its excellent technical capabilities. Thanks to the current rapid advancement of digital convergence of electronic equipment, the integration of communication and IT technologies, and automotive electronics, the demand and market for various semiconductors will greatly expand. 

In 2004, as the engine for future development, KEC decided to enter the MOS field. Adhering to the goal of 'SSTR market share in the world in 2010 and sales of 1 trillion yuan', KEC has been expanding the world market day and night. From the world's ultra-small surface mount KIC semiconductor package (superconductor package) and the world's first developed ultra-power-saving components, as well as the world's most efficient high-frequency (RF) components and silicon sensors (SILICON SENSOR), KEC continues to challenge to create new technologies and shape new KEC future.

Also Known As: Korea Electronics. Small signal transistors, switching diodes, rectifiers, ICs, triacs.

KEC is product portfolio consists of Small signal transistors, switching diodes, MOSFET, diode, IGBT, etc..


Consumer Electronics / Transportation / Automotive


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