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Jennings Technology Corp. [ Jennings ]

About Jennings

Since 1942 Jennings has provided unique application solutions for some of the largest corporations in the world. 


Jennings offers over six decades of expertise in state of the art vacuum technology for the electrical, industrial, communications, and power industries. Jennings holds the notable recognition of creating the first high voltage, vacuum, variable capacitor. This revolutionary discovery in 1942, as Jennings Radio Manufacturing Company, resulted in a capacitor offering application flexibility with its variable tuning capability and its small size.

Today, Jennings is known worldwide as a leader in non-thermionic vacuum components offering a full line of products including vacuum and gas filled capacitors and relays, vacuum interrupters, vacuum contactors, vacuum coaxial relays, switching matrices, and test and measurement equipment.

Personalized Service Solutions

When you contact a Jennings Sales Representative they won't just sell you a product, they'll recommend a product that will meet your needs. their technical sales team will take the time to understand your specific application in order to provide the best solution.

Realizing that modernization calls for a variety of unique solutions, Jennings operates their own on-site engineering and design facility; so if one of their 2,000 product models doesn't provide you with a suitable solution, they'll design one that does.

Superior Quality

they realize that in order to produce superior products, they cannot compromise the quality of the manufacturing process and quality assurance procedures required to maintain Jennings' high standard of manufacturing excellence.
their 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses the epitome of refined vacuum technology. their vacuum brazing furnace is a combination brazing and vacuum pumping station capable of both functions simultaneously. With this highly advanced equipment they are able to produce components with a vacuum greater than 10-7 torr in a contamination free environment.
Because Jennings products are used in many critical applications, Jennings maintains a quality assurance program in accordance with MIL-I-45208A and supports it with a test lab capable of performing MIL qualified testing as well as environmental and RF tests.

State of the art technology, their own proprietary processes, and 50 years of experience together ensure product quality and cost effectiveness.

Proven Reliability

Even as modernization and increased demands have forced many of their customers to change and update their equipment, they have continued to depend on Jennings for new designs and dependable products—products that withstand millions of operating cycles and provide them with a competitive edge in their industry.
While rigorous tests have proven the reliability of their products, they feel that successful operation in numerous applications including RF transmitters, semiconductor processing equipment, industrial motor controls, induction heating systems, and MRI, to name just a few, serves as the ultimate testimony to the superior performance of Jennings products.

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