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Intronics, Inc. [ Intronics ]

Intronics has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of DC/DC converters, amplifiers, and a variety of image and signal processors. Intronics' high-reliability components and subsystems are used in Computers & Communication, Aerospace & defense, Electric Power Utility, Transportation, Industrial Automation, and Medical applications. Intronics offers both standard and custom products, specializing in products that cannot be delivered cost-effectively by suppliers of "off the shelf" components. 

In addition to Intronics products, since 1995 Analog Devices has transferred numerous parts from its product list to Intronics for continuing manufacture and support. Given Intronics years of manufacturing experience andestablished relationship with Analog Devices, Intronics is well prepared to support your product needs for the long term.

The types of products manufactured by Intronics include DC/DC converters, Isolation Amplifiers, CRT Geometry Correction ICs, Voltage to Current Converters, Signal Conditioners, A/D Converters, D to A Converters, Sample And Hold Amplifiers, and Custom DC/DC products.

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