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Instruments For Industry, Inc. [ IFI ]


IFI is actively involved in the design and manufacture of Solid State and TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) Amplifiers (both pulsed and CW). The company continues with development of its low, medium and high Power Amplifiers to offer the broadest range of Amplifiers manufactured by any company in the world! IFI amplifiers are used successfully in applications all over the world and is the leading supplier of high power transmitters both solid state and TWT.

Their standard Amplifier line cover the 10 KHz - 40 GHz frequency bands with CW power outputs from 1 watt to kilowatts and standard pulsed amps to 8 kilowatts peak with higher pulsed power to 50+ kilowatts on special amplifier order. Amplifiers are offered as broad band laboratory units or as part of EW and ECM test, simulator or communications systems.


The company provides some Automated Test Systems and supporting software services (packages) for the performance of Radiated and Conducted Susceptibility Testing in accordance with SAE Standards, IEC Standards, EFA, VDE Standards for the U.S.A. as well as for overseas customers and MIL-STD-461, 2, 3. The E.M.C. Test Sets provide turn-key, user friendly systems for the performance of Equipment (Test Article) Validation over the frequency range of 10 KHz to 40 GHz. Our Automated Test Systems utilize IFI High Power Amplifiers to provide a cost effective solution to our customers’ requirements. Automated Test Sets utilize a variety of computer equipment, RF Synthesizers and High Power Amplifiers operating at various frequencies and power levels. IFI Amplifiers have been supplied to customers, such as: General Motors, Nortel, Boeing Aircraft, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S. Air Force and numerous other institutions.

IFIs’ Test Systems and Amplifiers have participated and continue to contribute to the electronics’ community for application to commercial systems and to a lesser extent, military systems as requested.


The staff of IFI has several decades of individual experience in amplifier configurations such as: Tetrode Tubes, Traveling Wave Tubes, Klystrons, and Solid State devices. The devices are used for: Commercial Applications, Electro Magnetic Compatibility, Telecom, Medical, Educational, Automotive and E.C.M. Solid state techniques are used for the efficient generation of high voltages and high currents using state-of-the-art surface mount technologies and methods. Our in-house technology provides: computer software and hardware designs, mechanical and thermal designs for their commercial applications to Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Communications as well as for the environmentally ruggedized equipment.

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