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IDS Microchip AG [ IDS Microchip ]

Founded in 1996 and privately funded, IDS Microchip is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, with a design center in Ljubljana, an office in Toronto and distributors throughout the world.

IDS Microchip develops and sells integrated circuits specially optimized to enable cost-efficient RFID solutions.

With its long history in RFID development, IDS offers one of the most complete RFID semiconductor portfolios comprising both passive, semi-passive as well as active RFID systems.

IDS Microchip AG, a semiconductor company, develops and sells radio-frequency identification and sensor solutions. It offers high-frequency readers, sensory tags, NFC and microSD systems, radio-frequency identification with sensors, smart label chips, sensor logging systems, reader chips, UHF readers, data logging chips, and microchips. The company serves supply and cold chain, shelf-life monitoring, tracking condition and history of construction, tracking and recording of medication, process control in factory automation, remote metering and supervision, humidity and vibration, temperature, pressure, pharmaceutical, and food and health applications. It distributes its products worldwide.

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