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HBS Electronics, Inc. [ HBS ]

Their mission at HBS Electronics is to become the premier supplier of high voltage magnetics to diverse markets within the industrial, medical x-ray, and military industries. HBS Electronics believe that in order to manufacture reliable high voltage products, it is necessary to design in the reliability and control the assembly processes, vacuum impregnation, encapsulation process and curing process. An empowered, quality conscious work force and supplier base through a process of continuous improvement will accomplish their mission. Remember, most high voltage products fail in the field, not in-house.
HBS Electronics has the technical knowledge to manufacture any type of high voltage transformers or assemblies. HBS has the capability to complete the process from winding to vacuum impregnation using solid, oil types or resin vacuum encapsulation. Their customers enjoy the benefits of receiving a high quality finished product from HBS, ready to install in their systems.
Quality Policy
Purpose: This policy is intended to reflect their commitment to the quality of their products and services.
It is the policy of HBS Electronics, Inc., which, in accordance with their mission, each management person will fulfill his or her responsibilities to the company by a commitment to Quality Assurance Management. At HBS Electronics HBS Electronics ensure that each employee receives the necessary training so that they understand that their duties must always be carried out in accordance with their Quality Assurance Manual.
At HBS Electronics quality is and always has been the focus of their company, encompassing every function; production, customer service, administration, and product quality. HBS Electronics recognize that quality must exist throughout their company and HBS Electronics have created a quality environment, which in turn, creates a quality product.
*HBS Quality Assurance System is based on ISO9001:2000.
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