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HBControls is an electronics design and manufacturing company.  HBControls carry full a line of standard solid state power relays and power controls.  Their standard line has power handling capability’s from 0-200A in single, 2 pole and 3 phase.  HBControls also custom designs power controllers to meet some of their customers most challenging design needs.  HBControls have Microcontroller based phase angle and time proportioned power control electronics.  Their engineers will be more than happy to assist you on custom software / hardware designs that will handle your power needs exactly to your specs and HBControls never charge upfront engineering fees for this service.
Heat management is one of the most important components to a proper design of a power controller, contactor or relay assembly and in this area HBControls excels.  HBControls have been specializing in this industry since the 1980’s and have the benefit of many years of skilled engineering in their designs.  HBControls have many custom engineered heat sinks for even the most challenging situation.  HBControls test lab can run tests up to the full power handling of their products while monitoring and recording operational and environmental data to ensure an application will work in the field. 
HBControls engineering staff continues to research new and developing technologies to ensure that their products are getting the most up to date technology possible.  Due to their large inventory of components and precise management of product flow to customers requirements, HBControls are not a “just in time” or “almost in time” manufacturing company.   HBControls strive to be a “always on time” company that assures their customers that ALL of their standard assemblies are in stock and ready to ship the same day the order is received.
While being large enough to serve some of the worlds biggest companies SSR and power control needs, HBControls is still a very approachable company.  If you have a question you can speak directly to an engineer.  One of the 2 owners is almost always available at the plant and will be more than happy to chat with you about the many benefits of using HBControls on your next project whether big or small.  HBControls daily ship single item orders with no minimums as well as shipping out thousands of units to some of their larger clients. 
HBControls are pleased to now offer online ordering for your convenience and while HBControls hope you enjoy this feature, please do not hesitate to call in to speak with their staff to ensure that you have chosen the correct part or if you have any question at all. 
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