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Gideon Analytical Laboratories, Inc.

Gideon Analytical Laboratories, Inc. [ Gideon Analytical Laboratories ]

Gideon Labs solves problems for the electronic industry.  Gideon Labs perform failure analysis, electrical testing, component analysis, process evaluation and testing to many specifications.
Gideon Analytical Laboratories, Inc. has benefited from downsizing of several major companies.  Their people represent over 70 years’ experience in chemical, construction, materials and failure analysis of electronic components (relays, transformers, chokes, capacitors, resistors, fans, cable, connectors, etc.) PWBs (solder mask cure, embedded tin in the solder mask causing electromigration, voiding in the resin, PTH opens, cross sections, solder joint reliability, IPC  specifications and Military standards, etc.) and semiconductors (diodes, FETs, PWMs, oscillators, thyristers, SCRs, rectifiers, interconnect and packaging problems, etc.). Gideon Labs have supported the designing, building, debugging, and testing of electronic components used in computer products, mainframe, 3rd rail, automotive, trains, aerospace, consumer electronics, amplifiers, radios, nuclear reactors, etc. Gideon Labs have approved materials, qualified card manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, cable manufacturers, qualified manufacturing lines, audited lines to insure compliance and approved component manufacturers. Gideon Labs have resolved electronic packaging problems involving many companies’ products. Gideon Labs have written many of the specifications and qualification plans required to eliminate these problems.
Gideon Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Started in 1988 initially involved in hermetic semiconductor Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) testing, MIL-Std 883D, TM 1018.2 for commercial and Military application. Gideon Labs 
Gideon Analytical Labs is a group of individuals who at one time handled the component reliability, testing and test procedures, material analysis, qualification, component selection, evaluations, line inspections and process approval for a large computer firm.  Since the time of their departures (due to a perceived plateau and eventual reduction in mainframe sales because of increased work station capability and migration), Gideon Labs started an independent company whose primary focus is providing the same services to electronic companies as Gideon Labs did in the past for many internal customers. Gideon Labs have served in this industry for over 25 years.

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