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Fuji Semiconductor, Inc
  • fuji electric

  • Full Name : Fuji Semiconductor, Inc Manufacturer
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Manufacturer Introduction

Since 1923, Fuji Electric has been a global leader in manufacturing power electronics products, ranging from distribution & control equipment, semiconductors, blowers, AC Drives, HMI, instrumentation to UPS systems, transit door systems, and steam turbine generators. Their provide the trusted brand of power electronics equipment for industries, such as automotive/transportation, data centers, food & beverage, factory automation, medical/pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and energy across North, Central, and South America. Fuji Electric Corp. of America is here to serve your industry’s need


  • Distribution & Control
  • Drives
  • Food & Beverage
  • HMI
  • Instrumentation
  • Photoconductors
  • Power Generation
  • Power Supply
  • RC Blowers & Pumps
  • Semiconductors
  • Transit Systems
  • UPS

fuji electric is product portfolio consists of IGBT, MOSFET, power IC, rectifier diode, etc..


Consumer Electronics / Transportation / Automotive



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