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Fordata Electronic Co. Ltd. [ Fordata Electronic ]

China LCD module manufacturer FORDATA's main products include:lcd module, lcd, lcd panel, lcm, display lcd, charakter, lcd displays, lcd modules, lcd display module, Modul, m??dulo, modulo, monochrome, car??cter, gr??fico, grafische, Graphik, carattere, caract??re, grafick??, LCD Modulen, LCD displeje, fornitore, graphique, fabricante, fabricant, cob lcd module, tab lcd module, COG LCD MODULE, graphic lcd module, stn, tn, fstn, htn, character, character type, character lcd module, graphic type, dot matrix, line, graphic lcd mododule, cog lcd display, negative voltage, DC-DC, tab lcd display, stn lcd, stn lcd display, cob lcd display, LCD display panel, character lcd display, graphic lcd display, lcm, compact, alphanumeric, chip on glass, industrial, controller, color, wide, temperature and so on. The adopt ic including: S0107, KS0066, KS0063, KS0065, ST7920, T6963C, SED1520D0A, SED1520DAA, KS0108, HD44780U, NJU6426, ST7066, NT3881D, HD44780, text, lcm, splc780, splc780d, s6a0069, s6a0070, alphanumeric, technology, i2c parallel, serial, interface, fdcc, fdcg, FORDATA electronic, China,Fordata Electronichave thousands of standard lcd module and custom desgin lcd module including: 8x1 lcd module, 8x2 lcd display, 10x1, 12x1, 16x1 lcd module, 16x2 lcd display, 16x4 lcd module, 20x2 lcd display, 20x4 lcd module, 24x2 lcd display, 40x4, lcd, 40x1, 40x2, 122x32 graphic lcd module, 128x64 graphic lcd module, 128x128 graphic lcd module, 240x128 liquid crystal display, and so on. sina, cina, taiwan, small, display, cheap, dot-matrix, standard, POS, EL, EL backlight, Modulo LCD, Pannello LCD, Display LCD alfanumerico, Modulo LCD grafico, retro illuminazione, electroluminescent, el, ccfl, LED backlight, linux, lcdproc, display, maker, supertwist, nematic, custom design, modulo lcd, painel lcd, display de lcd de caracteres, modulo de lcd grafico, display de cristal liquido, M??dulo LCD, Display LCD, Panel LCD, Display de caracteres, Display gr??fico, lcd modul, alfanumerisk lcd display, grafisk lcd modul, bakgrundsbelysning.

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