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Manufacturer Introduction

Epson Corporate, a part of Seiko Epson Corp., is a leading global supplier of high-performance components, including integrated circuits and crystal-based electronic devices. Epson Electronics America products are known for superior quality, functionality, compactness, and energy efficiency. Epson Toyocom cultivates and combines core technologies for timing, sensing, and optical devices. Epson Integrated Circuits (ICs) features the latest in power-, space-, and time-saving technologies.Established in 1942, Seiko Epson Corporation is a company engaging in the development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and servicing of information-related equipment, electronic devices, precision products and some other products. The company is headquartered in Nagano. 

As konwn to all, Epson developed the world's first miniprinter in 1969 and the Epson brand was established in 1975 which was in the hope of sending future "sons" of this EP out into the world. Epson received the 1992 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the company's 68 major business sites around the world obtained the ISO 14001 certification in 2001. All Epson plants in Japan acquired the ISO 9000 series certification for quality management system. Along with the continuous development, Epson was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2003. To expand the market, Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Corp. (now Epson Imaging Devices Corp.) was established in 2004 and Epson Toyocom Corporation was established in 2005.

Epson is engaging in a broad line of products including imaging products, electronic devices and precision products. The imaging products include printers and projectors involving micro Piezo technology, printing technology, projection technology and 3LCD technology. The electronic devices include quartz devices, displays and some other electronic components such as semiconductors, etc. The precision products cover watches, plastic corrective lenses, and factory automation equipment. Epson is always pursuing innovation in compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies and persisting on the spirit of creativity and challenge to create invaluable products and services to customers and become a community of robust businesses.

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Epson is product portfolio consists of Filters, sensors, crystal oscillators, real-time clock modules, display controllers, video encoders, display controllers, MCUs, ACCPs (application-specific chips), etc..


Consumer Electronics / Lighting Electronics / Medical Electronics / Portable Devices / Instrumentation / Communication / Network / Transportation / Automotive / Security / Monitoring / Industrial / Automation


  • Size: 563 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-06
    In recent yea, heightened awareness of the need to reduce environmental impacts has spurred market demand for compact electronics products that use fewer raw materials and coume less power than their predecesso yet provide even greater functionality. This trend also holds true for the electronic components, including crystal devices, that go into coumer and industrial electronics products. For this reason, the crystal devices used as reference clocks in electronics have to meet increasingly rigorous size, power coumption, accuracy and reliability requirements. Reducing the size of the crystals, however, amplifies certain existing problems and gives rise to other new problems.
  • Size: 158 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-06
    The eighteenth century English poet William Blake wrote of seeing the world in a grain of sand. Enginee in the twenty-fit century have not progressed quite that far, but some impressive devices and machines they are building are no bigger than a grain of sand. Many of these cotructio incorporate a technology called microelectromechanical systems or MEMS, and the materials used to create them are silicon, polyme, and metals. Now, Epson Toyocom Corporation (“Epson Toyocom”) has added a new material to the list—quartz crystal—to create an additional category of devices it has dubbed QMEMS.
  • Size: 918 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-06
    Abstract- Due to their high Q and temperature-stable properties, quartz crystal oscillato are important clock sources in coumer, commercial, industrial, and military products for many yea. The demand for quartz crystals and crystal oscillato has been increasing steadily between 4 and 10% annually since the “dotcom” market collapse in 2000~2001. The total market for 2008 is expected to exceed $4.1B. The quartz crystal and crystal oscillator industry has made major progresses in miniaturization, performance enhancement, and cost reduction in the past ten yea. The unique fabrication and encapsulation requirements though render quartz crystals and crystal oscillato difficult or close to impossible to be integrated onto the silicon-based IC platforms. The recent strong marketing push of the all silicon MEMS resonato and oscillato seemed to re-ignite the interest in displacing the quartz crystal technology and to open up again the prospect in clock source integration. Based on a 2006 review paper,[1] the author expands on the subject by reviewing the development of the all silicon MEMS oscillato and crystal oscillato in the past few yea and commenting on what challenges they face in the highly competitive frequency control products industry. Since information on the technical development of the all silicon MEMS oscillato and crystal oscillato is abundantly and readily available, this paper addresses more on the market and business aspects. This paper also touches on the recent development of piezoelectric-activated silicon MEMS resonato and oscillato and all silicon oscillato (with no moving parts).
  • Size: 1561 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-06
    Programmable Voltage Controlled Oscillator: VG7050EAN is a low jtter programmable VCX0 at any frequency. VG7050EAN coists of VCXO, PLL and LVPECL output buffer. Its output frequency is programmable from 50 MHz to 800 MHz with almost 2 ppb resolution. VCXO supplies stable reference clock to PLL with fundamental tone crystal. Kv of VCXO can be programmed via Ic interface. PLL coists of a low jtter fractional-N PLL technology. The components for loop filter are embedded into IC, so no external component is needed.