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Manufacturer Introduction

EPCOS manufactures a large range of unique passive electronic components. From surface acoustic wave components, capacitors, and ceramic components to inductors and ferrites, EPCOS offers unrivaled performance for electronics applications.EPCOS is a professional company engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic components, modules and systems. EPCOS is focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has establised a complete distribution network all over the world such as Europe, China, Singapore.
Through years of development, EPCOS has developed a broad line of product which can be classified as: SAW components, ceramic components, capacitors and inductors. Most of the products are ROHS compatible.
The SAW components (surface acoustic wave components) are key components of modern information and communications, especially important in audio and TV equipment as well as in mobile phones. Ceramic components are indispensable in automotive electronics and household appliances, in particular, but also in telecommunications and entertainment electronics. The ceramic components of EPCOS include surge arresters and switching spark gaps, sensors and sensor systems, thermistors, varistors, and a wide range of multilayer ceramic components, including piezo actuators and capacitors. Inductors are used in switch-mode power supplies for applications in information and communications technology, automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. Besides, capacitors are used throughout electrical engineering and electronics. The EPCOS's product portfolio covers aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors and power capacitors, and solutions for power factor correction.

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EPCOS is product portfolio consists of Ceramic components, capacitors and inductors.


Communication, consumer, automotive and industrial electronics


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    The high precision of piezoresistive seo and their ability to measure absolute, gauge and differential pressure allow their veatile use in a wide range of applicatio. Within industrial equipment and systems pressure seo supply the measured data used to control and diagnose hydraulically or pneumatically operated machines, for itance. This makes them key components in measurement and control technology. In the automotive industry seo measure the pressure of various media to support engine management and safety systems. The seo need to support a precise engine control for low fuel coumption and need to enable exhaust gas treatment for a reduction of harmful emissio. Long-term stability and high accuracy is mandatory to meet the latest system requirements.
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    The self-healing capability of film capacito is one of their most important features. It protects them agait catastrophic failures and makes them highly reliable compared with other technologies. They also offer excellent thermal stability. In addition, their key electrical paramete remain cotant when the voltage is changed thanks to the high electrical stability of this technology. Low ESR values and high Irms handling capability are other important characteristics of film capacito, related to their self-heating in operation. They are needed in applicatio operating with high-frequency ripple currents.
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    The temperature seor in washing machines allows precise control of water temperature (K276, Z276, Z277, Z278). A pressure seor can be used to measure the level of water in the drum. In clothes drye temperature seo determine the temperature of hot air flowing into the drum (Z509, K514, K524) and that of the vented air (K276, Z276, Z901, Z277). To optimize anti-wrinkling treatment of laundry a temperature seor can be integrated in the steam generator (K504, K514, K1560, K560).
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    At the core of e-mobility are electric drives in both ca and other motorized vehicles such as electric bikes or scoote. The demands on the drive electronics is raising the requirements on the electronic components, modules and systems used. Its strong technology and product portfolio makes us a competent and innovative partner for manufacture of hybrid and electric vehicles. We enable the development of technologically superior solutio, especially with our components for use in converte and in the powertrain. We provide solutio based on EPCOS film capacito for all applicatio designed to store electrical energy in the DC link circuit and for suppression of ripple voltages. Key components here are the power capacitor chips, or PCC™ that feature flexible dimeio and form factor as required by the respective application. We also offer a wide range of power inducto and traforme with rated powe of up to 3 kW for use in power conveion systems. As the electric motor dissipates no usable heat to warm the vehicles, EVs require supplementary heating units. Our EPCOS PTC heating elements are very well suited for this purpose and can be connected directly to the high-voltage battery. On the following pages you will find further special features that distinguish our products and solutio for use in e-mobility applicatio.