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ELDRE Corporation [ ELDRE ]

Eldre has a reputation for outstanding technical expertise for a broad range of bus bar products & manufacturing capabilities.

ELDRE is part of the MERSEN family since 2012. MERSEN is known worldwide for providing expertise to customers for safety and reliability of electrical power. With the addition of ELDRE to the MERSEN family, MERSEN adds laminated bus bar to its extensive portfolio of products, creating a powerful bundled product offering for the protection of power electronics.

Mersen’s reputation for outstanding technical expertise, product quality, and engineered safety is the result of over half a century of design and manufacturing knowledge, coupled with state-of-art equipment in three ISO-9001 registered facilities. Each facility manufactures single and multilayer bus bars, as well as fully integrated solutions in which the laminated bus bar also serves as a platform for a multitude of discreet components:

Mersen’s capabilities span a broad range of products, from single layer bus bars to multi-layer laminated bus bar, incorporating discrete components into an integrated power package.

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