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The world's demand for power keeps growing

Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. Planes. Hospitals. Factories. Data centers. Vehicles. The electrical grid. These are things people depend on every day. And the companies behind them depend on them to help solve some of the toughest power management challenges on the planet.

At Eaton, they’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.They are power management company made up of over 96,000 employees, doing business in more than 175 countries. their energy-efficient products and services help their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. By giving people tools to use power more efficiently. Helping companies do business more sustainably. And by encouraging each and every employee at Eaton to think differently about their business, their communities—and the positive impact they can have on the world.

Lead Director

Christopher M. Connor, who has served on Eaton’s Board since 2006, was first elected Lead Director by their independent directors in 2016. The Lead Director has specific responsibilities, including chairing meetings of the Board at which the Chairman is not present (including Executive Sessions of the Board), approving the agenda and schedule for Board meetings on behalf of the independent directors, approving information sent to the Board, serving as liaison between the Chairman and the independent directors, and being available for consultation and direct communications with shareholders and other Company stakeholders. The Lead Director has the authority to call meetings of the independent directors and to retain outside advisors who report directly to the Board of Directors. The Lead Director’s performance is assessed annually by the Board in a process led by the Chair of the Governance Committee, and the position of Lead Director is elected annually by their independent directors.

Their vision

To improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.
A company's culture is represented by its unique purpose, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes.
Their shared purpose is perfectly illustrated in Their vision - it reinforces the importance they place on Their deepening impact on the world as the need for power continues to grow. they know that to achieve this vision they need to:
Develop Their employees by helping them succeed not just at work, but in life as well
Delight Their customers by understanding their challenges and delivering real solutions, proactively
Deliver for Their shareholders by doing whats right
Support Their communities by offering Their time and talent to meet social and economic needs where they work and live.
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