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Manufacturer Introduction

DUREL was formed as a joint venture of 3M and Rogers Corporation, and pioneered Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting  as a viable consumer product. In 2003, DUREL became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Corporation. In 2011, Rogers decided to cease its lamp manufacturing operations, and DUREL was reorganized to focus on their highly successful line of industry leading IC inverters for driving EL lamps and EL wire.

They developed their first DUREL high voltage electroluminescent (EL) IC driver in 1993, in response to their customers need to have one company provide the entire EL lighting solution—both the lamp and the power supply. Since then, Rogers has developed an extensive line of these high performance devices. Using their proprietary circuit design, They achieve low-noise performance for applications that are sensitive to electrical and audible noise.

RoHS Compliant

Quality is a Rogers hallmark. All DUREL IC drivers are RoHS and WEEE compliant.
They serve customers in a broad range of industries. Rogers DUREL EL lamps and IC drivers are the products of choice for designers in advertising, appliance, automotive, consumer electronics, graphic printing, medical, portable communications, residential and commercial lighting, and transportation industries.

They have built their reputation on designing and manufacturing products that exceed their customers’ expectations. Equally important, their engineers work closely with your product designers to developing customized solutions for your specific needs. They serve customers around the globe through their manufacturing facilities, sales and customer support organizations in Asia, Europe, and North America. their manufacturing and warehouse facilities are strategically located to provide you with prompt, reliable access to Rogers products. But their service does not stop there; their worldwide team of sales and customer service specialists work round-the-clock to meet your needs.



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