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Divelbiss Corporation [ Divelbiss ]

Divelbiss Corporation, the Leader in Embedded Control, Electronic Product Development and Design, Industrial Control Products and PLCs, Custom PLCs, and more.

Divelbiss Corporation's product line: programmable logic controllers, PLCs, programmable automation controller (PAC), PAC, PLC, HMI, HEC, Human-to-machine interface, harsh environment HMIs, HEC controllers, harsh environment controllers, extended temperature controllers, open-board controllers, Solves-It PLCs, Solves-It application modules, Plug-in PLCs, PCS controllers, universal control panels, HMI prgrammable controllers, PLC on a Chip,  multi I/O expanders, specialty function controller expanders, digital input/output devices, digital analog, specialty I/O, high-density I/O, harsh environment I/O, Bear Bones controllers, Baby Bear controllers, class 1 division 2 controllers, class 1 division 2 digital I/O, class 1 division 2 power conversion, class 1 division 2 PIMS-EX-MOD plug-in modules, PIMS analog input modules, PIMS analog output modules, PIMS high speed counter modules,  I/O cables, programming cables, power supply, transformers, relays, I/O modules, communications modules, mounting hardware, protection devices, suppression devices, power cables, cable sets,  EPROMS, memory devices, assembly tools, printed circuit board layout, compliance electrical testing, high reliability electronics, RoHS conversion, printed circuit board assembly, prototyping, compressor controls, custom controller, custom PLC, data logging controller, data logging PLC, diesel engine controls, diesel engine monitoring, embedded controller, engine controls, hardened controller, hardened PLC, harsh environment HMI, harsh environment PLC, heavy equipment controllers, heavy equipment PLC, HVAC control, HVAC PLC, J1939 controller, J1939 PLC, ladder logic controller, ladder logic PLC, ladder logic training, mobile PLC, mobile controller, MODBUS, NMEA 2000, NMEA 2000 Controller, NMEA 2000 PLC, PLC training, portable controllers, private label controller, private label PLC, process control, pump jack controls, remote monitoring, remote control, reggedized controller, ruggedized PLC, SCADA controllers, SCADA PLC, sealed controller, sealed PLC, telematics, valve control PLC, wide temperature controller, wide temperature PLC, wet location controller, wet location PLC, water tight PLC, water tight controller, Made in USA, American made controller, American made PLC, washdown area controllers, washdown area PLCs, rail controllers, transportation controllers.

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