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DeYoung Mfg., Inc.

DeYoung Mfg., Inc. [ DeYoung ]

The company S.I.C was founded in 1921, it merged in 1954 with the company SAFCO to become SIC-SAFCO, specialist in high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Merge of Sic Safco, Eurofarad, Microspire, Firadec and Astema to establish Exxelia group, a leading manufacturer of complex passif components and sub-systems for industrial niche markets: aerospace, defense, space, telecommunication, transportation, healthcare.

Founded in 1952, Dearborn Electronics joined Exxelia group in 2011 and became Exxelia Dearborn. The company specializes in the manufacture of film capacitors and EMI filters dedicated to harsh environments.

Exxelia is a manufacturer of complex passive components and precision subsystems focusing on highly demanding end-markets, applications and functions. Exxelia product portfolio includes wide ranges of capacitors, filters, position sensors, slip rings, wound magnetic components and high-precision mechanical parts. Products are commonly used for power electronics, power generation, energy storage, and signal filtering functions in numerous leading industrial areas such as aviation, defense, space, medical, railway, oil & gas and telecommunications.

Exxelia is valued for its ability to meet complex specifications and develop standard and custom products complying with the most demanding qualification procedures intended to critical functions (MIL, QPL,...).

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