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DATAQ Instruments, Inc.

DATAQ Instruments, Inc. [ DATAQ Instruments ]

DATAQ Instruments, Inc. is a leader in low priced data acquisition (DAQ) including USB DAQ, Ethernet, wireless, and data loggers.

About DATAQ Instruments

For over 30 years DATAQ Instruments has been a reliable supplier of data acquisition and data logger hardware and software products. Our customers address the entire spectrum of instrumentation: doctors engaged in life sciences research; engineers from all disciplines; and technicians involved with design qualification and maintenance and troubleshooting

Data Acquisition Products

DATAQ Instruments' line of data acquisition products begin with our Starter Kits that offer industry-leading price and performance. Supplied with our ready-to-run WinDaq software you'll be acquiring and analyzing data within minutes of opening the box. WinDaq software support is also extended to more advance products that offer high channel count, high-speed sampling, extreme measurement ranges, and USB or Ethernet interfaces. Custom applications can also be developed using supplied ActiveX and dot net programming tools.

Data Logger Products
DATAQ Instruments offers data logger products for any application and budget. From simple temperature and humidity monitoring to complex mixed measurement applications, we have affordable data logger product solutions that fit your most unique and ambitious requirements. Our products support WiFi, hard-wired Ethernet, and USB interfaces. Most can be supplied to support either PC-connected and stand-alone applications. 

Main products from DATAQ Instrument

1.Model DI-808 (Built-in Web Server for IoT Applications)
Eight-channel Web-based Voltage, Thermocouple, and Pulse Data Logger

2.DI-718B Data Acquisition and Data Logger Products
Supports DI-8B Amplifiers

3.DI-710 Data Acquisition and Data Logger Products
Operate Stand-alone or PC-connected

4.DI-720 Data Acquisition Systems
USB, Ethernet, or Printer Port

5.Data Loggers with Color Display
GL Series Instruments

6.DI-730 Series Data Acquisition Systems
Features 1000V input-to-input and channel-to-channel Isolation

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