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Crownpo Technology Inc. [ Crownpo ]

Guan Bao Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Li Chi Precision Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1988 to produce resistors and resistors, such as chip-mounted resistors and chip-loaded resistors for module-integrated circuits and ceramic substrates. . In 1998, the company started to develop the SMD diode process. In 1999, it obtained the manufacturing process patent. In June 2002, it began mass production of patch diodes. In April 2003, the trial production of the Schottky diode was implemented. In October, the company produced a diode to provide a truly small, light, and small signal electronic product for the consumer and high-tech era, and to solve the problem of general patch diode thickness. . In order to improve the market demand for technology, quality, and customer diversity, it was deconstructed by Lizhi Electronics Co., Ltd. in November 2003, and was injected with NT$200 million in funds. Guan Bao Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and Mr. Xu Shengxiong continued to serve as a director. Long, Cheng Chengcheng sincerity, transcendence and harmonious enterprise spirit, with innovation, core competitiveness, rapid response, positive intention and execution, in the original patent process and structure of high-quality semiconductor diode products, with strategic alliance partners Fully support the opening of the Innovation Bureau.

Products include : Protection Components Protection Products

Switch Diodes Switch Diodes
Schottky Diodes Schottky diode
               Zener Diodes
               Rectifier Transistors
               Micro Resist Chip Resistor        

1988 Established Thick Film Resistor Plant in Tucheng (Lizhi Precision Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.)

1989 formally put into production row resistor
1991 Mass production of chip resistors
1992 Start of order production of integrated circuits
1994 Acquired ISO9001 Certification
1995 Started production of chip resistors
1997 Capital Increase to US$20,000
1998 Acquired IECQ Certification
          Develop patch diode process
1999 Obtained patent for SMD diode process
2000 company renamed Lizhi Electronics Co., Ltd.
          Invest in U.S. Dollars Wu Yiwan Established Lizhi Electronic Kunshan Co., Ltd. to set up a factory in Kunshan
2001 Resistance Production Line moved to Kunshan
2002 June Mass production of SMD diodes
2003 April trial production of Schottky diodes
        October pilot production of the diode
        In November, Li Zhi deconstructed and reinvested 200 million Taiwan dollars in the name of Guan Bao Technology Co., Ltd. Crownpo Technology Inc.
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