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Manufacturer Introduction

Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for power applications. Cree's product families include high-brightness LEDs, lighting-class power LEDs, and power-switching devices. Cree's LED solutions are driving improvements worldwide in applications such as backlighting, electronic signs and signals. Cree is also among the world's leading manufacturers of silicon carbide-based diodes for power control and management, providing increased efficiency in a variety of applications from solar inverters to industrial motor drivers to wireless technologies.

Cree's LED lighting products are distinguished by unique material technologies and advanced white light technologies in gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC), with more than 1,300 US patents, more than 2,900 international patents and 389 China Patents (the above includes authorized and pending patents). Cree's lighting-grade LED devices continue to break through the industry, leading the industry in terms of brightness, efficacy, longevity, thermal performance and reliability. At present, XM-L products with a luminous efficiency of 160 lm/W have been mass-produced. In May 2011, the laboratory light efficiency achieved 231 lm/W, once again breaking through the technical limitations, becoming a milestone in the entire LED lighting industry.

Cree has announced that its white light power LED light efficiency has once again set a new record in the industry, reaching 254 lm / W. The record broke the 231 lm/W R&D results that Cree achieved at the beginning of last year, and once again demonstrates Cree's all-out efforts to accelerate the widespread adoption of LED light sources and the historical mission of driving LED lighting revolution.

Their mission

They relentlessly pursue disruptive technologies that change industries.


At Cree, they relentlessly pursue disruptive technologies that change industries. In nearly three decades, Cree has led by converting new science into market-changing products, one breakthrough after another.

Cree directs their employee efforts and financial support to events and organizations that directly promote the increased adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-efficient technologies.

2010_Introduced the first single die LED to Break 1000 Lumens.

2012_Released industry’s first SiC MOSFET, A market maker and key building block for more efficient power conversion systems, decreasing size, weight and bill of materials.

2014-First to Break 300 Lumens-Per-Watt Barrier. 

Launched Cree SmartCast? Technology, reinventing lighting controls with the push of one button.

Introduced the industry’s first 1700V SiC half-bridge module that delivers SiC switching speed and energy efficiency to solar, EV, and industrial power supplies that require kilowatts of power.

2017_Cree Names Gregg Lowe as CEO

In March 2018, Cree announced the acquisition of Infineon Technologies AG's RF Power Business for €345 Million.

Cree is product portfolio consists of Discrete device.


Consumer Electronics / Lighting Electronics


  • Wideband Harmonically-Tuned GaN Doherty Power Amplifier

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  • Low shed and high shed interior lighting applications

    Size: 86 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-13

    Cree delive lighting-class LED products optimized for indoor low bay and high bay lighting. We make it easy to create beautiful LED light.



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