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Cosel USA Inc
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Manufacturer Introduction

COSEL Co., Ltd., Manufacture and sale of electrical components and EMI filters

Main ProductsAC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters,EMI filters

Cosel U.S.A. Inc.

A range of electronic components, including semiconductors, are used within electronic products such as industrial and consumer equipment. Semiconductor devices such as IC, FET, transistors, diodes, etc. operate based on a stable DC power supply. In other words, it is vital to convert the AC current supplied to plants and households into a stabilized DC current. COSEL’s DC-stabilized power units help to realize this.

In particular, COSEL's "switching power supply," which utilizes the high-speed switching effect of semiconductors, is one of our major products. Switching power supplies are compact, lightweight and highly efficient, which means that they are now used in almost all electronic devices, including in information communications, medical and factory automation devices. We have been engaged, furthermore, since 2005, in the production of a noise filter that protects electronic equipment from a range of noise, and have now released a product using that technology.

Cosel is product portfolio consists of Switching power supply, AC-DC/DC-DC converter, filter.


Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network / Transportation / Automotive


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