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They’re engineers, scientists, operators and product developers. they’re innovators, advisers, designers and problem solvers. Most importantly, they’re partners – in creating value for their customers with the solutions they offer and in improving the world through the actions of their colleagues.
Celanese is The Chemistry Inside Innovation? and they aspire to be the first-choice chemistry solution stheirce for their customers.
They know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot to promise and that’s a lot to do. Well, they would agree with you, but They’re up for the challenge and they owe it to their customers, shareholders, and employees to deliver on their promise.

They produce products that make their lives a little easier, by helping customers to bring their inspired ideas and innovations to life. From the global production network of their Acetyl Chain, they provide materials that are critical to the global chemicals and paints and coatings industries. From their broad portfolio of Materials Solutions, they advance automotive and consumer electronic designs and enable life-improving medical, food and beverage products – they offer solutions to their customers to help them succeed.

While they call Dallas, Texas home for their headquarters, they have approximately 7,500 employees working to serve their customers around the world. From Dallas to Amsterdam to Shanghai, they manage a global network of commercial offices, technical centers, and twenty-seven production facilities and additional strategic affiliate production facilities.
You can also find Celanese and their employees on their corporate blog, their technical blog, on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Weibo and at numerous events. Or, you will find us improving the world through the Celanese Foundation.
In the past one hundred years, Celanese has transformed into a global technology and specialty materials company with leading businesses in key geographic regions. With a focus on safety, innovation, productivity, performance and results, their company is positioned to achieve significant future growth and deliver exceptional results for all stakeholders. their history below highlights the milestones that formed Celanese. Click on the eras below to read details of their history.
The beginnings (1912 - 1920)
The birth of Celanese (1921 - 1950's)
The Hoechst years (1960's - 1999)
The present days (2000 - today)
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