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Central Semiconductor Corp
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Manufacturer Introduction

Founded in 1974, Central Semiconductor is a company engaging in innovative and reliable discrete semiconductors for the hottest high-tech products, from MP3 players and laptop computers to bar code scanners and cell phones. Besides, some older technology devices with long life cycles are still available. The company is headquartered at Hauppauge, Long Island, New York USA. Through years of development, Central has established long term cooperation relationship with 3COM, Cisco Systems, IBM, HP, Sony and Symbol Technologies. Furthermore, Central is the first company to manufacture a dual DMOS FET in an SOT-563 package, and is the only manufacturer of high current CLDs (Current Limiting Diodes). Central manufactures a broad line of discrete semiconductors including surface mount devices (SMD), through hole devices, chip form devices, thyristors. Central's devices are packaged in the leading miniature and ultra miniature surface mount packages. The range of surface mount devices cover diodes, small signal MOSFETs, rectifiers, multi discrete modules, transistors. Central manufactures thyristors in a wide range of leaded (through hole) and SMD packages. The company has passed the management system ISO 9001:2000. Central is dedicated to manufacturing high quality devices with on time delivery, perfect service and reasonable prices.

Central is product portfolio consists of Discrete semiconductor products, circuit protection and integrated circuits (ICs).


Consumer Electronics


  • mpc5602d microcontroller data sheet

    Size: 1593 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-18

    Single issue, 32-bit CPU core complex (e200z0h) — Compliant with the Power Architecture® embedded category — Includes an itruction set enhancement allowing variable l...

  • ISL1535/ISL1535A pdf of Central

    Size: 89 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-18

    The ISL1535A is a very low power dual channel differentiated amplifier designed for central office line driving for DMT ADSL2+ solutio. This device features a high drive capability of 600m...



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