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Bravo Communications, Inc. [ Bravo Communications ]

Since their first products were introduced in 1985 for Printer Sharing Devices, Bravo has evolved into being the leading Manufacturer of Network Surge & Lightning Protection Solutions, having the widest range of transient protection offerings. Their products have been used in many different environments and practically every possible industry, including various military, aerospace, and armed forces critical applications. Bravo are known for their proven quality, and Bravo offer the highest levels of protection and support. Bravo products conform to your network and application needs. No matter what type of network you run, Bravo typically can help you. Bravo offer various product footprints including Single-Port Protection, Building Block 4-Port Expandable Protection and Rackmount 16-Port Surge Protection (16 Ports across in a protected patch panel format). Their company addresses every unique requirement your project requires.
When you need to prevent or stop network downtime, loss of productivity and equipment damage from the ravages of lightning and surge transient events, trust the experts at BRAVO COMMUNICATIONS, INC. in San Jose, California. Bravo Network Surge & Lightning Protectors are well known for providing the highest levels of quality transient energy protection for even the most critical environments and infrastructures. Bravo also offers their High-Quality Data Signal Line Extenders for parallel and serial data communications circuits used in equipment applications requiring a higher degree of signal quality and longer cable distances.
Bravo are a privately held California Corporation whose products are made available worldwide through Bravo Stocking Distributors. Bravo products are 100% U.S. MADE in San Jose, California in the heart of "Silicon Valley". If you don't see the exact product you need, please contact them for more assistance and Bravo'll be glad to help.
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