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Brandt Electronics, Inc. [ Brandt ]

Brandt Electronics is veteran-owned small business founded in 1979 to address the need for quality military power supplies. In the past, their company specialized in custom designs requiring intensive engineering. In 1993, the company began making investments to broaden its product lines, entering the markets for VME and high voltage power supplies for TWTs, Klystrons, and other complex system applications.
Brandt Electronics have designed and manufactured over 350 different products, with over 20,000 total units shipped. Their products are built to meet the critical performance demands of aerospace, shipboard, ground-based, human-carried, and underwater systems.
Brandt is now involved in several multi-year procurements for major programs including the AWACS COTS initiative, the first major weapons system upgrade using COTS. Other projects powered by quality Brandt equipment include AWACS radar systems, MILSTAR and Global Hawk, as well as the F-3, F-14, F-16, F-22, DMS, ALQ-194, MMP, RSIP, and P3I.
Located in Milpitas, CA, Brandt Electronics occupies a modern 21,000 square foot air-conditioned building equipped with professional engineering facilities including:
ESD Workstations in compliance with DOD-HDBK-263 for PCBA subassembly and final assembly work, a Model Shop for first time qualification and prototyping, and a dedicated Potting Shop for conformal coating of PCBs, vacuum encapsulation of transformers and high voltage assemblies with temperature controlled ovens for curing.
Their Magnetic Component Shop is equipped with bobbin winders, banding equipment, and microprocessor controlled toroidal machines, and their array of Test Equipment includes 50 to 300 MHZ oscilloscopes, 50-400Hz DVM variable power sources, variable DC power sources, hi-pot testers, a spectrum analyzer for EMI/EMC and output ripple analysis, circuit analyzer for in-circuit stability analysis, and 6 environmental test chambers.
Over 30% of their staff is dedicated to the development of new power supply designs, totalling over 100 years of combined experience. With over 350 models Brandt Electronics have proven their ability to take your requirements and turn them into successful, manufacturable designs.
Brandt Electronics is committed to manufacturing the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective power supplies on the market. Their Quality Assurance Program conforms to the industry's most rigorous standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, MIL-I-45208, and Boeing's D1-9000 requirements. Their facility and procedures are regularly certified through DOD and prime contractor audits. Defect analysis with corrective action follow-up and environmental stress screening are constantly used to maximize reliability.
At Brandt, quality is an integral part of all Engineering and Manufacturing decisions related to every product. Their QA manager has full control over coordination of quality specifications with every department, as well as quality interfacing with customers and vendors. Brandt Electronics always ensure that all of their customers' quality requirements are fully satisfied during every part of the assembly, inspection, and testing processes.
Brandt's Quality system has been in place for nearly three decades. During that time Brandt Electronics have been audited by their most selective customers and have successfully completed comprehensive quality surveys. In addition, their system addresses the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems, Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realization, Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement.
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