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Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. [ Bomar Interconnect Products ]

Bomar Interconnect Products is a leading global manufacturer of high quality, competitively priced, RF and modular connectors. Bomar Interconnect's line of products includes audio / video connectors, RF adapters and connectors, and telecom connectors.

Bomar was founded in 1963, as a manufacturer of quartz crystals to the commercial and two-way radio industries. Today, Bomar has low cost sources for high volumes of crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs, continuing40 year commitment to providing high performance frequency control solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of price, quality and customer support.

The types of products manufactured by Bomar Crystal include Crystals: HC-49/U, HC-50/U, HC-51/U, HC-45/U, HC-49/S, HC-49/SMD, HC-49/S on SMD Platform, Cylinder, Ceramic Surface Mount Crystal, MCF 10MHz Series, and MCF 21MHz Series; Oscillators: Ceramic Surface Mount VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, Ceramic Surface Mount Oscillators, VCXO, TTL Clock Oscillators, HCMOS Crystal Clock Oscillators, Dual Compatible HCMOS/TTL Oscillators, Plastic Surface Mount Oscillators, and OCXO.

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