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Innovative Interconnect Solutions from BAYCABLE can transform the way your customers deliver care. Turn your design challenges into next-generation, market-leading medical devices with their extensive manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise. Learn how BAYCABLE can help bring your idea to reality – optimized for performance and reliability, customized for your needs, and built to your exacting standards.
BAYCABLE considers the premier OEM’s supplying capital equipment to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide among their key customers. BAYCABLE fabricate large, molded power distribution assemblies using BAYCABLE manufactured cable. Ranging from very fine wire (50 AWG) to over an inch in diameter, BAYCABLE source a variety of materials based on client-specific application requirements. Custom designs allow for extended flex life, resistance to chemicals, hot and cold operating environments, and composite constructions. Utilizing power, signal, fiber, tubes, and strength, their experts resolve any application challenges that arise.
Their Santa Ana, Mexico manufacturing location is TS-16949 registered and has been supplying custom coil cords and cable assemblies to the US Automotive industry since its inception in 2000. Many of these are used in SUV’s and require high reliability in the extreme operating conditions found from the desert to the arctic. By utilizing the high-flex strand with the proper jacketing materials automakers obtain products that are durable and abrasion resistant with outstanding retractile memory.
The high-end audio cable market requires tightly controlled and toleranced conductor and insulation geometries. Materials are combined in unique ways to optimize the listening experience of their demanding customer base. BAYCABLE is proud to be a supplier to several of the most respected names in this industry. BAYCABLE manufacture speaker cables, component interconnect cables, headphone cables, and power cables using a wide variety of materials and techniques to optimize performance.
BAYCABLE provides custom cable, cable assemblies and electromechanical assemblies to companies in the Commercial Aviation, Aerospace, Marine and Military markets for installation on aircraft, helicopters, unmanned drones, missiles, and ground communication centers. High reliability, manufacturing process control, and ITAR registration are of the utmost importance to their defense customers.
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