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A.L.P. Lighting Components [ A.L.P. Lighting ]


A.L.P. is an international leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of lighting components and components for other technical industries. 

They offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of products for OEMs and the aftermarket. For proprietary projects,their unique “360° Solutions” suite of custom services enables us to collaborate with customers at every stage of a product’s life cycle. Their core commitment is to provide superior service and product performance to every customer.

The A.L.P. Global Network

A.L.P. manufacturing, distribution and customer service facilities are strategically located, with operations coordinated to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently. Our “A.L.P. Europe” service and distribution center in Birmingham, England gives us a true global capability to serve customers outside the Americas.

Their  Mission

Their  mission is to meet every customer’s lighting need, delivering long-term energy-efficiency, easy installation and ease of maintenance. 

They can engineer and manufacture custom solutions, or deliver solutions from the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of components and kits.


The history of A.L.P. starts with Bill Brown Sales (BBS). 

The evolution of the two companies is a success story driven by strong leadership and long relationships within a constantly changing industry. 

It is also a classic case of growth opportunities created by listening, learning and finding new ways to meet customer needs.

Today, A.L.P. is a respected force in lighting, and is leveraging its broad range of capabilities to extend its reach into other industries. But the story begins with the creation of a two-person rep firm from the back porch of an apartment in Skokie, Illinois.

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