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Auxel Power Electronics [ Auxel Power ]

Amphenol AUXEL is the Power Electronics and Electronics Division of Amphenol AUXEL FTG, a global company that designs, manufactures, sells and provides support for interconnection and power distribution solutions in Electrical, Power Electronics and Electronics equipment.Today, benefiting from an expertise of over 50 years in the fields of Electrical, Power Electronics and Electronics Equipment, Amphenol AUXEL handles the most advanced technologies to address the challenges of Conducting Current, Insulating, Connecting, Assembling and more. Thanks to a global presence with sales offices, engineering departments and manufacturing units in a variety of key locations, Amphenol AUXEL is able to serve, co-design and support its customers personally all over the world. With a wide range of products recognized as innovative, reliable, safe and cost effective, Amphenol AUXEL provides solutions for various needs and markets: Industrial (Motor Drive,,etc.), Transportation (Rail, Automotive, Avionics), UPS, Solar, Wind, Smart Grid, Electronics (Data centres, etc.).

Worldwide synergies

The headquarters of Amphenol AUXEL is located in the city of Gondecourt in Northern France.With sales offices in France, Germany, China, India, USA, and with a large number of local agents and distributors, Amphenol AUXEL’s customers are being offered the best guidance with a global and local perspective, taking into account each geographical market in terms of qualitative, technical, norms, legal and certifications requirements.Being a division of Amphenol AGIS (since 2016) and Amphenol AUXEL FTG, Amphenol AUXEL, established in Gondecourt, France in 1986, benefits from its partnership with various design and manufacturing units :

Amphenol FTG’s competence center, specialized in Electrical Equipment since 1962 and located in Triberg, Germany.
A competence center in Shanghai, China with design and manufacturing units serving both Low Voltage and Power Electronics needs.
A competence center in Bengaluru, India with design and manufacturing unit serving Power Electronics needs.
A sister company Amphenol AIPC located in New York, USA, specialized in Electronics solutions, with Design and Manufacturing units in China.
By sharing experiences, expertise and research, all competence centers, working together, allow Amphenol AUXEL to stimulate innovation, develop cost effective solutions, offer wider solutions to its customers and open its activities to new markets.
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