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ATMEL Corporation (Microchip Technology)
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  • Full Name : ATMEL Corporation (Microchip Technology) Manufacturer
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Manufacturer Introduction

Atmel Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced semiconductors including microcontroller (MCU), programmable logic, and nonvolatile memory. By combining these core technologies, Atmel meets the evolving and growing needs of today's electronic system design engineer through the production of general purpose and application specific system level integrated chips. Atmel's world class expertise and wealth of experience in system-level integration enable all of Atmel's products to be developed from their constituent blocks with minimum delay and risk.Atmel Corporation is professional in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers and complementary products such as capacitive touch sensing ICs, ASICs, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency components. Atmel has a significant number of global development and manufacturing operations for it has about 7,000 employees worldwide and has revenues coming from Asia, Europe and the Americas.Beisde, Atmel also manages fabrication facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado and in Rousset, France and it still has the test and assembly operations in Manila, Philippines and a sub contractor network.

Atmel has manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe. All testing and assembly is done in the Philippines and Malaysia. This is supported by a sales channel in over 60 countries. Aside from manufacturing, Atmel has over 30 design centers worldwide. Atmel Corporation is currently traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol "ATML". A few of their major competitors would be Cypress Semiconductor, Burr Brown and Altera.

Due to its hard work for so many years, it has got a lot of awards and good reputaiotn worldwide. In April 2009,Atmel was given the Touchscreen Devices Awarded Product of the Year by Electronic Products China and in January 2009,it got XMEGA MCU Awarded Product of the Year by Electronic Products Magazine.While early in November 2008, Atmel's AVR XMEGA wins EDN China Innovation Award and Atmel's AT91SAM9G20 ARM Embedded MPU got Award from Portable Design Community in October 2008.With the ultimate objective of total customer satisfaction, Atmel sticks to meeting the needs of its worldwide customers.

Atmel is capable of offering the electronics industry with complete microcontroller based system solutions with a focus on consumer, industrial, automotive, security, communications computing markets and Atmel makes it possible for the customers to lead the markets they serve because they can offer electronic products that are smaller, smarter, more cost-effective and versatile than ever before.Atmel commits to providing high-quality products with continuous improvement that extends to every level of its activities.It continued its quality excellence path via major third-party certification programs: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001.

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Atmel is product portfolio consists of Atmel designs and manufactures microcontrollers, mixed signal, advanced logic, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency components..


Atmel Semiconductors is a company focused on the industrial, consumer, security and communication markets.


  • Size: 272 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-18
    Atmel offe a divee family of small sector Flash memory devices ranging in deity from 256K to 4M bits. These devices read and program with a single voltage supply. The nominal supply voltage is 5V for the AT29CXXX, 3.3V for the “low voltage” AT29LVXXX, and 3V for the “Battery Voltage” AT29BVXXX Flash memory family. The entire Flash PEROM product line is designed to allow use to have one common programming algorithm for all three Flash voltage families. Therefore, upgrading from one deity to another and from a higher voltage to a lower voltage device is simplified.
  • Size: 674 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-18
    This application note exhibits techniques to connect IEEE® 802.15.4 wireless networks to the Internet. This example uses the Atmel® ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro demo boards as Wireless Edge Devices on a wireless sub-network. The Atmel® Low-Cost Ethernet-to-Wireless Gateway serves as a bridge between the wireless sub-network and conventional Ethernet LAN infrastructure. ioBridge’s cloud services tie the system together with remote control applicatio on the World Wide Web. This document describes how to start quickly with the provided sample applicatio and how to modify them for a specific need.