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American Technical Ceramics Corp (AVX)
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  • Full Name : American Technical Ceramics Corp (AVX) Manufacturer
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Manufacturer Introduction

American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC) provides component and custom integrated packaging solutions for the RF, microwave and telecommunications industries.

ATC designs, develops, manufactures and markets Multilayer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Resistive Products, Inductors and Custom Thin Film Products for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications.products are primarily focused on the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber optic, medical electronics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense, aerospace, and satellite communications markets. For fifty yearsATChave been "The Engineer's Choice".

Customer interface is administered byown personnel and independent sales representatives. American Technical Ceramics is headquartered in Huntington Station, New York and has an Advanced Technology Center in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the center of excellence fortraditional product lines and the development and manufacturing facilities for Thin Film and Resistive Products.

American Technical Ceramics' Sales and Customer Service Center, serving Europe, Africa and the Middle East, is located in the Czech Republic. ATC's Western European Sales Office is located in Surrey, England. The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary offering Sales and Technical Support for Asia is located in Shenzhen, P.R. China.

American Technical Ceramics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AVX Corp. The common stock of AVX is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol "AVX").


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    Circuit diagrams and other information relating to products of Actio Semiconductor Company, Ltd. (“Actio") are included as a mea of illustrating typical applicatio. Coequently, com...



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