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Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. combines its expertise in the field of power supply technology in Paderborn. This is where standard power is created, as well as personalized solutions that you can purchase through Phoenix Contact's worldwide sales network.
Innovate for your success
Michael Heinemann, Managing Director, Phoenix Contact
Michael Heinemann, Managing Director, Phoenix Contact
Michael Heinemann: "Reliability and longevity are what we need to develop power supplies. Of course, for example, the inflow of expertise from our experienced developer team. B. Reflected in the choice of components.
Most importantly, they differentiate by integrating functionality into  they devices, by making our devices easier to use and at the same time preventing high follow-on costs, which will bring lasting benefits to customers. One example is SFB technology, which can trigger circuit breakers reliably and quickly in the event of a failure. “
Bundling ability
Phoenix Contact Powers Paderborn
Phoenix Contact Powers Paderborn
Aptronic AG from Bad Sassendorf has been part of the group since 2012. Since April 2014, it has been operating together with the Phoenix Electronics Division in Paderborn in Paderborn.
The management of the new company is handled by management spokespersons Michael Heinemann, Georg Beretitsch and Ing. Mathias Emsermann.
Synergy is good for you
140 employees develop power supplies for standard applications in industrial markets such as automation, environmental technology, renewable energy or process technology. Individual power supplies are another advantage.Product Marketing Development Prototype Small Batch Production LogisticsThe entire development test and the laboratory area, the market as well as the prototype and the small batch production are closely integrated. Together we create synergies that benefit you in the form of innovative power products.

In addition to the standard product plans, we also develop equipment for medical, construction and network technologies based on special requirements. They can also be used as building integration solutions, for example. B. Available for ATM and Industrial PCs.

In the future, the requirements for power will become more extensive. On the one hand, due to the demand for smart products, new technologies are emerging. Phoenix Contact demonstrated its technical capabilities and invented SFB technology in 2007 followed by ACB and IQ technologies. In addition, equipment must always meet more stringent requirements, such as ambient temperatures as low as -40°C

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